The Estonian Consultants Association (EKA) is a voluntary organisation established in 1992 to join together the consultants and consultation firms of Estonia. The association members are professionals with long-term experience in consulting. With EKA’s aid, an entrepreneur and/or manager will find the suitable consultant to solve any developmental or managerial issue.

EKA continues to expand our influence in developing the regulation of the business and consultation market.

EKA’s mission is:
To advance the professional consultation services in Estonia via the individual activities of EKA members and professional networks, in a customer-friendly manner and pursuant to the Code of Ethics of Consultants.

EKA’s motto is:

“A consultants success is measured by the satisfaction of their clients”

What values does the Estonian Consultants Association offer?

For the client ordering consultation services:

  • A trustworthy information channel to find competent and reliable consultants.
  • A simple and established place for forwarding procurement invitations and finding consultants.
  • Being a member of EKA means an obligation to perform by the Code of Ethics of Consultants. Thus, the client is ensured that the consultant is competent and discrete when solving their problems.

For the consultant:

  • Being a member of EKA adds credibility, because EKA members are obliged to follow the Code of Ethics of Consultants and good practice.
  • EKA introduces its members in an online catalogue to potential clients in Estonia and abroad.
  • A professional network that provides access to reliable and competent consultants who can co-operate together on different projects.
  • EKA members receive offers and invitations to tender for projects directly sent to EKA by clients.  Some procurement invitations are made exclusively for EKA members (including international projects).
  • Constant information on new methods and trends in consulting and regular information exchange between members.
  • Member events and training. Regular meetings, seminars, conferences and training are held for the members free of charge or at a discounted price. EKA also mediates conferences organised by others at a discounted price for its members.
  • Being a member of EKA means you can contribute to the Estonian economy. EKA members have the wish and will to be the influencer not the influenced.

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EKA enables consultants to learn from each other’s experiences. Co-operation between the consultants in EKA is necessary so as to be fully aware of new business models and management systems in the ever changing business environment.  EKA can unite consultants to fulfil international contracts and participate in European Union projects.  In addition, it facilitates the development of relationships with other countries’ consulting associations.

Tiit Elenurm, Estonian Business School - EBS, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship

At HeiVäl we have used the professional qualification training organised by EKA to give guidance to our new employees. You can’t do everything by yourself and that’s why it is good to rely on the activities of an independent umbrella organisation. This also frees our time and energy to concentrate on our priorities.

Tõnu Hein, Partner, HeiVäl Consulting. Consultant of the Year’2010. Estonian Quality Face ‘2010

Connecting clients to consultants is one of the key benefits I have experienced at EKA.  In fact my largest client, who I have co-operated with for 5 years, originally discovered me at the EKA website.  So I would encourage you to utilise this effective tool for business development.

Ashley Brettell, Partner, Better Business