• Being a member of EKA increases a consultant’s credibility and visibility in the market place. You can only become a member if you have been independently recommended and approved by the EKA management board.  Thereafter you must adhere to the EKA code of ethics.
  • EKA is a network of professionals. This allows you to co-operate with other specialists to undertake larger projects where you might need support and also the opportunity to work on some of their projects if you are invited to do so.
  • EKA is a marketing and sales channel for consultants, both for Estonian and foreign clients.
  • Each member in rotation becomes the Consultant of the Week, whose profile is then displayed on the home page of the EKA website.  In addition, every year we select the Consultant of the Year and promote that individual.
  • EKA is an environment of consistent professional development and co-operation between consultants. The educational seminars and trainings of EKA, including professional examinations, are always discounted for EKA members.
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