Key competences:

Knowledge management development methods, process consulting and organization development programmes for increasing innovativeness of organizations and change management, applying new management tools. Export strategy and International competitiveness, cross-border teamwork and international negotiations training. Developing new business ideas and business models for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.



Tallinn University of Technology, university diploma of industry planning and management, PhD dissertation on implementation of new organizational structures defended at Moscow Institute of National Economy,  top management programme at Finnish Institute of Management (LIFIM), fellowships at Helsinki School of Economics and London School of Economics, entrepreneurship courses at Bentley College and Harvard Business School.


Work experience:

Tallinn University of Technology, applied research and consulting group of the management department, Estonian Management Institute executive trainer and head of the international management department, owner of management training and consultancy company EM-International, Estonian Business School, head of the entrepreneurship department and professor.


Working languages: Estonian, English, Finnish


Working experience abroad:  

Workshops, training sessions and development projects in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Czechia, Hungary and Slovenia focused on international entrepreneurship, innovation and for developing co-operation with entrepreneurs from the Baltic states.


Some work references from the past 5 years:

Creativity and international business negotiation trainings, export strategy development workshops for information technology, electronics, health technology and business service enterprises. Mentoring International student teams searching foreign markets and partners for innovative Estonian and Finnish enterprises. Counselling start-ups in the business angel role.