• It signifies that the consultant has the necessary consultation skills.
  • The professional qualification meets the requirements of the European qualifications framework and the accredited consultants are internationally recognised.
  • The evaluation process helps to identify areas that the consultant needs to develop and supports the growth of the consultant’s skills.
  • It assures the client that the consultant is aware of the necessity to follow the professional ethics requirements.


In order to be active as a consultant, the person needs a certain skill set, knowledge, personality and relevant experience. These necessary competences are described in the professional qualification standard for consultants, based on which the profession of ‘Consultant’ is awarded. In Estonia, the consultant’s profession is awarded on two levels:

  • Consultant, level 6 – works independently with a client and carries out the entire consultation process. The consultant helps to solve problems that the client, company or organisation has identified.  The consultation service supports managers and organisations in reaching their aims by solving managerial and business problems.  The purpose of the consultant is to provide the client with methodologies, information, technical knowledge and other support that enables the client to improve performance.
  • Consultant, level 7 – is a leading expert in their field. In addition to working as a consultant, the consultants with this professional level often also speak at conferences and publish relevant articles.

EKA has the right to award professional qualifications and is registered in the national register as a body that can approve professional status. EKA has set up a Professional accreditation committee.

Applying for Accreditation

Applying for the professional qualification is voluntary and fee based.  Currently the professional qualifications awarded by EKA are on hold due to changes in the accreditation rules.  However, once these rules are clarified EKA plans to restart this activity.  The development of this process will be announced on the EKA website in the near future.  Awarding of the professional qualification was done based on the following documents: